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Good Spelling Made Easy

This online software is part of an innovative system that can help your students improve their spelling skills by up to 80%.

Spelling Software: Free Version & Premium Version

The free version of this online software lets you try it out with a limited number of words. For unlimited access to the software, you can upgrade to the Premium version. Schools that sign up for the Premium version pay a reduced fee of around 3 dollars per student and language. If a school has very limited resources, it may be eligible for additional discounts, including free access to the unlimited Premium version in some cases.

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Click here to purchase unlimited Premium access to the online software for your school. Just follow the instructions you'll find on the form.

An Innovative System with a Complete Set of Materials

The complete system includes the student's book (only needs to be done once in a lifetime), in addition to the free video and the teacher's book that can be downloaded from the Boira Publishers’ website.

Suggestions for using the software

This system is recommend for students 8 years and older. By doing a maximum of two 10 minute sessions a day, they will quickly master the basic spelling vocabulary that comes standard with the software. After that, spelling words can be personalized to include the ones that each student has trouble with. This means they will have a personalized tool to study spelling for the rest of their schooling.

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